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Travel Mindset part 3

Thank you so much for sticking with me through this amazing Mindset series, I really do hope you have learnt a few things when it comes to developing your travel mindset.

I would wrap up this topic by speaking about managing your expectations when traveling. Having your values and aspirations sorted, then having done your research and now it’s time to spread your wings and fly.

Having decided on your destination, you have booked your flights and you are ready to go. But one big advise I would give to you now is to manage your expectations of this destinations. This is so important and this why many travellers leave a destination feeling let down or disappointed. You need to manage what you are expecting from this place. For e.g You have booked to an amazing destination like Eygpt, it sounds lovely seeing ancient ruins and having this whole history to devour. Then you get there you meet old dirty buildings, no one around and it just looks like a run down town. This is always expected in travel, in our minds eyes we are seeing a movie playing. Amazingly beautiful scenery, amazing weather, lovely people or maybe no one and then we show up the weather is horrible, overcast, loads of people and overcrowding, we can’t enjoy the site as you wanted. This is the reality lovelies, this is what most major destination are like!

I remember my trip to Puerto Rico, I was expecting such an amazing place, lovely food, taking lovely pictures. I saw all the lovely photos and read all the stories from travel bloggers who have been there. But I show up the weather was not great, that’s fine, we were tired from our flight. The next day was a Sunday we went to get a local bus into town. After walking for atleast 30mins that a local ‘bless her heart’ saw us and said to us the public buses didn’t work on a Sunday. So that was my days plan squashed as the few taxis were charging an exorbitant amount for a one way trip. We decided to go the beach that has a private entrance from our hotel. But the weather was not very nice for bathing and the so called best beach in the USA was not all that nice.

san juan water beach

So that was my expectation squashed, on top of that I wanted to do a bioluminescent beach tour in the night and that was not on either as it was a weekend!! Like what nonsense for a tourist destination!!! All I could have done for the 2 days in Puerto Rico was walk about the little tourist town, walk on the wet sandy beach and stay on my hotel balcony having a chat with my husband. It doesn’t end there huns, the last few hours before bedtime, after having  a chat with a hotel employee I was told we could have called an Uber to take us into San Juan for less than ¾ of the price the other taxis were asking for!

‘Thanks for that love! For telling me this info now!!’

To say that Puerto Rico was a disappointment was an understatement, I didn’t necessarily think that at the time but looking back now it sure was. We even almost bought into a timeshare scheme as we were stuck at the hotel, thank goodness we got out of that before it was too late.

So ladies, do your research, decide on the approach you are going to take and then expect the unexpected in your travels. Top tip there huns, trust me. This helps to prevent culture shock also, according to the internet dictionary is defined as
‘the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone when they are suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes.’

I was speaking to one of my dear readers, thank you so much for taking the time to read my emails. She was telling me of her experience to Morocco and the huge culture shock she had because she didn’t research it as she should have and what she expected was definitely not what she got. After you have spent weeks budgeting, researching and counting down the days to your vacation, you do not want to have a major disappointment, believe me I know. But luckily for me I have my Travel Mindset loaded and Locked and no matter what happens on my travels, short of probably major injury or death God Forbid, I will always find a positive experience in it all. In my travel to Puerto Rico I got the experience of visiting Puerto Rico after all, doesn’t matter I didn’t get to see the places I wanted, I was still there, ate great food including the popular American restaurant Chilis’ and a huge burrito. That was really nice within itself and we got to relax before we got to our destination St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where the everyday issues take centre stage.

This leads me to introduce once more my HAPPY AND POSITIVE MINDET CHALLENGE ladies. These emails this past few weeks, if you missed them click here for part 1 and here for part 2. This only goes to show you why you absolutely need to stay positive and happy throughout your life and into your traveling journeys.

Stay tuned next week for a full outline of the 5 day challenge. Were I give you exact details for each day and how we will go about it, spread the word ladies because I promise this challenge is going to be a game changer. You are going to be inspired to do all that you have created to be. Stay positive, happy and even helping others to achieve this same inner bliss. People who know you are going to ask you what changed and you are going to say you have a new outlook on life.

Lets get as much women on this challenge as possible, ladies helping ladies remember that.

Travel Mindset part 2


Quick question, do you want to be prepared mentally for travel? After you have thought about your values and your desires and you have decided yes I want to travel. You now feel nervous because you will have to go alone. You have no other half as yet, your friends are not interested or are not able to go when you want too or you just want to get away by yourself.

Traveling is exciting, it’s fun, it’s liberating, freeing and all things explorative and adventurous and I absolutely love it. It is easier to think than to do also I must admit. We all have fantasies of traveling the world, going to a new place and seeing new sites but when it comes to planning the actual trip, looking for flights, accommodations, things to do I admit it becomes stressful and overwhelming.

Unless you have loads of money to spend, then these things don’t matter as much. It takes time to find and then to make up your mind and invest in a trip or holiday. Us women, we have no pains about shopping for a new bag, shoes or clothes because we know the feeling we get when we wear these pretty things. We feel confident, we feel beautiful and so amazing. The thing about travel is that it gives us this same feeling but it’s not as immediate.

Now we can sit at our computers and shop for clothes and shoes, when we get them we try them on and if we don’t like we return. Or we go back to the shop and get a refund or an exchange. With travel it's different, if you didn’t get what you wanted from a trip you can’t get a refund or ask for an exchange.

Also travel depends on other factors not just us like weather and other service people. With shopping or investing in education, we know when we buy it’s up to us to make the best of it and to be honest with travel it’s kind of the same. When you buy that plane ticket and book that hotel or tour, it’s up to you to make it amazing. You have to have that mindset of yes, I’m going to xyz and I’m going to have a blast. I’m going to learn about a new culture, eat new food, meet new people. It has to be your drive and your motivation.

Some of the frequent questions I get are:

How do I get over being nervous about traveling?
How do I prepare myself mentally for traveling?
How do I travel and have fun and let loose while being such an introvert?

Ladies my number 1 advise to get over these fears and answer these questions is to doYOUR RESEARCH!

This is so very important because when you do adequate research you feel more confident, you have a plan and you feel more familiar. Yes us humans love familiarity, we are comfortable with things we know and are accustom too. Learn as much as you can about the logistics of the place, the lifestyle, the people, read online forums, groups and ask people who have been there before. I promise you will feel so much more well equipped to set out on your journey.

There is nothing like first hand information from someone who have been there and knows. Forums are so good for this, online communities such as FB groups and places like Quora. You can ask your questions and get real answers from real people who have experienced it or have done what you want to do.

Or you can be like my husband and just get me to do everything for you except pack (he is an expert packer, even packs my stuff and get all my cr*p to hold too). When we go on a trip, I do ALL the research, I book all the tickets and accommodation, I do everything else. All he has to do is take us to the airport and get on the flight then just enjoy. He is also one of those persons who is as not spontaneous!!

He is not comfortable until he knows everything is pre booked and organised down to what’s for dinner which night.
"What would we eat?" You ask me. My reply “when we get there we will see” He doesn’t like that.

I on the hand like to leave most things to the spur of the moment, the type of person who says yes to everything!! I can be sitting around doing something and someone says, “let’s go here or there”, without thinking I would say YES and then I’d remember I have other commitments. I had to compromise for my husband and do adequate research to ease his mind and make him feel more comfortable and confident in traveling.

When I started doing this, more for him than for me, I soon realised that it was so much easier to be prepared before hand. Not having to worry about how to get here or there or if we would find someone who speaks proper English or can give good directions to a great restaurants, yes I have been there before. It can be adventurous but so tiring and frustrating also.

Researching is a lot of work, it takes time but it is so worth it. This is why ladies aside from our tours in St. Vincent and the Grenadines I am also offering free resources, advise and 1:1 sessions to help you to develop your travel mindset and start putting these practises into action. I have travelled to over 20 plus destinations and yes counting and have lived in over 4 different countries in my short life. I know how to get around and I can help you too.

Be Prepared:

For myHAPPY & POSITIVE MINDSET CHALLENGE COMING in a few weeks. Ladies I want us all to have a life that we are happy to wake up to everyday and where we can look into the next day thinking I CANT WAIT. But to do this it's not always easy and its not always automatic, we have to condition our minds to be on permanent happiness and positiveness and this will take you into every area of your life including TRAVEL.

So keep your eyes on the look out for this exciting 5 day challenge, invite your family and friends to be apart of this. Remember we are here to encourage and assist other women to be all that we are called to become. 

Free Travel Session

For a very limited time, I will teach and show you easy ways to research holidays and trips that would be fun and budget friendly. My Experiential Travel Toolkit already have amazing advise to help you to get over your initial fears and frustration with thinking about traveling. You can get your copy here. Now we will go a step further and show you how to put these tips into action. If you want to feel confident and be prepared for your summer trips. To have the right travel mindset to travel and experience destinations authentically, book your free Travel session with me today. Think of me as your own personal travel agent who will give you the tips and tools and know how to get you started, but only for a limited time.


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Developing your Travel Mindset

Image 14 06 2017 at 13.31

This week we kick off MINDSET month!! This is a special topic for me because I am such a firm believer in what we believe we make happen. I believe if we want something enough we will move mountains and water to achieve it and so I thought it a fitting topic to explore when we speak about traveling also. 

When we think about travel it’s always about going to a new destination, somewhere different from our usual location. Away from our home base of work, family and routine everyday life.

This I understand can be a bit overwhelming for some people and for others it’s a true adventure. Traveling with a group, a spouse, a friend or family no problem, everybody is fine with that but when we speak about traveling by ourselves then everyone starts thinking hmmm…I don’t know about that one.

We don’t have to go into the whole why we need to travel story, but incase you need a reminder please find my guest blog article on my now mentor’s blog, 1authenticheart.com, where I wrote an article entitledAll of God’s children need traveling shoes.

So to begin I need for you to determine what makes you happy. What are the things in your life now that you do or have that makes you happy? What kind of things do you want to achieve or obtain in the future that you think will make you happy?

These questions would help you determine your values and your aspirations. Believe it or not these are things that keep us going in life. These are things, when you wake up and think about makes your life worthwhile. These things make us what we become. For eg. If your desire is to have as much money as you can get. You will soon realise everything you do and every decision you make would be because of this reason. It may even cause you to make questionable choices, some you never thought you would ever have made!

They become your values and these are so important. So a positive example is your desire to learn, grow and become a better you. You realise that travel allows you to be happy, to grow and experience new things. You then start to make decisions that would lead you to travel, because your core value is becoming a better you. Do you see where I’m getting with this?

So I want you to sit down and write out what are your values in life. What are the things you want to achieve, not just the physical things but dig deeper and think about the emotional feelings you want to have. Is it happiness, security, freedom, love?

When you figure this out for yourself this would be the starting point for working on your mindset. This entire month we will be looking each week at creating a Traveler's mindset and by extension creating a positive mindset that would help you in your everyday life.

Stick with me as we explore this topic, it’s going too be so interesting.

In other news... 

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