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Zanur Tours 7 Day Package

Seven (7) days packed with detailed activities and events with your local buddy to experience the Vincentian lifestyle. Visit beautiful sights on the Windward and Leeward sides of the island. Take a cooking class with Ms. Anita, cooking local dishes and sweets. Beat drums with the Resistant Heartbeat drummers. Take a walk and tour the local villages, meeting and chatting with the local people.

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Zanur Tours Festivals

The festival packages offer a choice of the three (3) main festivals on the island: the Bequia Easter Regatta, Vincy Mas and Nine Mornings festivals. There will be detailed itineraries planned for you to experience these festivals like a true local. You will also be accompanied by your buddy who will offer you advice and information.
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One (1) Day Packages

Choose from one (1) of our four (4) tours : Waterfalls on the island, Volcanic and Nature trail, Beaches or our upcoming island hop tour around the smaller Grenadines islands. These packages are a bundle of experiences stuffed into one exciting day.

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