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Zanur Tours- 7 Days Package

This 7 day package is the ultimate offering of Zanur Tours and by which our services are based on. Visitors can enjoy this truly magnificent 7 day experience with their local buddy of choice. In this package you will experience the heart of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Each day is packed with activities to allow you to experience the island as a true local.  Visit local sites with your buddy and take part in local workshops, eat local food cooked by local hands. Each vincy buddy has their own signature offerings that can be added to make your adventure more diverse and authentic. This package can be adjusted to suit your needs and to ensure you get the best authentic experience on island. The island is very small, so we believe that you would be able to take in most of the sights within the days that we have planned out for you. If you decide you would like to go to more places that can be arranged as well.

Terms and Conditions:
All prices are quoted in the local currency Eastern Caribbean Dollars (EC)$ and are subject to change due to fluctuations in the exchange rates and currency conversion, depending on high or low season.

40 % of the price is required at least 1 month before travel and the additional 60% would be paid to the local buddy on the island in cash.

Homestay and meals inclusive in package and prices are included in overall cost.

There would be additional activities that your vincy buddy may offer you such as visiting different site or a new place, this is optional. There would be an additional cost to this as well that would not be covered in this package.

Itineraries can and do change during the course of the year due to unforeseen circumstances. We are not always able to advise you in advance of these changes. We ask for your understanding and flexibility in these cases

    Workshops and classes listed in the itinerary
    Transportation throughout the week as listed in the itinerary
    Meals outlined in the itinerary
    Flights- flights to and from your home destination
    Meals and transport outside of the itinerary 


7 day Itinerary:

Day 1: Pick up by buddy at airport, walking Tour of the village and surrounding areas.
Day 2: Church service with buddy, traditional Sunday lunch at home
Day 3: Visit to Kingstown by bus and surrounding areas, workshop with resistance heartbeat drummers
Day 4: sightseeing and beach hopping on the Windward side of the island - visiting beaches, waterfalls and other sights
Day 5: Sightseeing and beach hopping on the Leeward side of the island- visiting beahces, waterfalls and other sights
Day 6: Cooking class with Ms Anita in her kitchen and Night out with buddy
Day 7: Day Trip to the biggest Grenadine island of Bequia


Cooking class with Ms Anita 


Drumming Group



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